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 please help

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PostSubject: please help   please help EmptyFri Aug 17, 2012 6:52 pm

Asslam_A|ikum i love hacking but i know what i do please any one teach me about hacking im very intersted in hacking
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PostSubject: hi   please help EmptySun Feb 10, 2013 10:33 am

there is no any method by which u can learn hacking immediately.
but it is not impossible.
so u can follow the steps:

1. Be a problem solver:

you must have the ability to be a real life problem solver. Only a cool
and calm mind can understand things in a better way and have the ability
to take proper decisions. Its good to have patience and sometimes
there no other option but to retreat, and there is no shame in it . One
must have the ability to implement Social Engineering.

2. Understand inter-networking:

For God sake dont confuse yourself with complex network behaviors and
topologies. Start reading it from scratch. Try understand how data is
generated on user-end (either on host or a server) and how it is
manipulated during its journey.
You must understand different protocols, port numbers, IP addressing
system . You must know how routers and servers behave to different
requests and how data is routed to its destination.

The best practice i recommend is to attain a CCNA (Cisco certified networking associate) certification.
i really like their course-ware and things they teach. They have got 4
modules. In first module, all seven layers of OSI-Model have been
discussed. Including TCP-IP model. which is the framework of our
internet. If you don't have enough time to get registered yourself, PM
me and i ll send you Module 1 pdf.

(once you would come to know the real chemistry of networking, then you
would understand how horrifying it could be to be unethical from a naked
IP when it could be traced with few clicks.)

Coding is poetry guys:

Enough of the boring networking chit chat. While getting your hands over
networks, you must have the ability to understand language of internet
< definitive guide for HTML5 by Adam Freeman is preferred >
trust me guys, without HTML5 you cant even think of learning php and
javascript. So to offer these arsenals a challenge . you gotta go
through HTML5. which is not that hard to learn.
As you know php is server side scripting language. most modern CMS and
Message boards like this one we are on are developed in php. php and
Mysql makes a good pair.
(learn CSS along with HTML5 if you later change your mind and want to appear as a web-developer) please help Tongue

last but not least, you gotta learn a scripting language either Pearl or
Python, they will prove very helpful later when gathering info and
doing special tasks e.g. developing exploits for specific purposes.

3. Linux, O/S of internet:

So here is the most important aspect of our daily internet life and most
of us even don't know about it. I am sad admitting that for a long time
i have been avoiding working on Linux because of its boring interface
and numours commands even to fetch a glass of water.
As HTML5 is known as language of internet, Linux is called O/S of
internet. 95% of web servers and super computers use Linux as their main
O/S. yea yea, you got it, they eat Linux , they wear Linux and they
shit Linux.
And what else be more pleasant for u guy other than Backtrack (ubuntu
distro of linux). Its free, its extensible, its light, its rich all with
countless tools and scripts and most of all its silent and sneaky, Just
like my nick, you got it please help Tongue

So the best approach to master backtrack is first get some practice in
ubuntu and after sometime when you feel you have got a good hand in it,
get your copy of ubuntu. make a live disk, or install it on your thumb
drive. and here you go.

4. Ethical Approach to achieve unethical:

Years ago, when security experts fell helpless in front of bad guys
(which in my case am i). they decided to compile their syllabus and
teach security experts to think the way hackers do. They derived new
techniques of pen-testing so they could footprint / scan a vulnerable
network in a very hacker way to find possible vulnerabilities.
So if those good guys can adopt our techniques, why shouldn't we adopt
their techniques to make us more skillful and unbeatable Razz
Long story short, most of the security companies offer pen-testing
programs and if we try practicing their compiled techniques, it can help
us make undetectable and undisputed kings of the rings. lol
So down below, here are some programs which would be really helpful to make an ethical approach to achieve unethical.

1. EC-coucil's CEH (certified ethical hacking version 6/7) (powerpoint slides of all 67 modules)
2. Offensive Security pentesting with backtrack (pdf lab manual and 4/5 hours of video training)
3. Metsploit the penetration testers guide (pdf ebook).
4. Backtrack 4 : Assuring security by penetration testing. (pdf ebook).
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PostSubject: Re: please help   please help EmptyFri Jul 04, 2014 1:42 am

Bro can u plz send me all hacking material om my email
My email is aadilmajeed99 at gmail dot com

It will b ur most kindness
I wrote the email address lik dis coz u r not allowing ur new users to post emails external links for 7 days.... But i think u hav got it
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please help
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